Oxygen gauge pressure gauge dual-purpose calibrator
Product introduction
Oxygen gauge and pressure gauge dual-purpose calibrator 

Oxygen gauge and pressure gauge dual-purpose calibrator is suitable for measurement and inspection institutions at all levels and industrial and mining enterprises. It adopts the comparison method to verify ordinary pressure gauges and other oil-prohibited pressure gauges. The plug pump generates pressure, and a secondary oil-water isolation device is set up to transmit the pressure through the oil circuit and the water circuit. It can not only verify the pressure gauge, but also the oxygen meter, and it can be used for two purposes. The machine has a reasonable structure, easy operation, stable performance and safety. Durability, etc.

At present, the pressure gauge and oxygen gauge dual-purpose calibrator produced by our company belongs to the third-generation innovative product, which has made a qualitative leap in pressure stability and portability. The dual-purpose calibrator for the pressure gauge and oxygen meter has a built-in secondary oil-water isolation device, which can easily convert the oil pressure into water pressure. In the measuring room, it can fully meet the requirements of a calibrator that can verify both oil-prohibited meters and general pressure gauges. .

Parameter description of dual-purpose calibrator for oxygen gauge and pressure gauge:

Model: YW-60S Working range: 0~60Mpa

Model: YW-40S Working range: 0~40Mpa

Dimensions: 470x320x298

Working medium: clean water and transformer oil

Oxygen gauge pressure gauge dual-purpose calibrator pressure holding performance: far better than the national standard

Strength and sealing: first pressurize to 80Mpa for 5min, and then the pressure drop value within 5min should be less than or equal to 2Mpa.

 The core component of the dual-purpose calibrator is the quality of the plunger system. The plunger system consists of a piston rod and a piston cylinder. In the traditional manufacturing process, the piston rod and the piston cylinder are made of alloy steel, quenched and ground. , In the most important grinding process, the grinding machine is used, and the grinding accuracy of the grinding machine is 5U, and we use manual grinding, the same process as the production of piston pressure gauges. The system truly does not release pressure and does not leak pressure, which is the first in China.

The dual-purpose calibrator is a cost-effective product, which can detect both the oxygen meter and the pressure gauge, which is convenient and affordable, but the dual-purpose calibrator uses an oil-water secondary isolation device, which is not safe without pure water pressure source. Our company For the production water pressure source, please consult our relevant sales staff for information


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