Hydraulic Pressure Calibration Pump
1. Pressure Range: 0-60 Mpa (70Mpa)
2. Type: Hydraulic
3. Medium: Water or Oil
4. Minimum Adjustable: 10Kpa
5. Overall Dimension: 290mm×150mm×110mm (L × w × h)
6. Weight: 2 Kg
Product introduction

Product overview

YWQ-1442S portable hydraulic pump can be used in laboratory or field environment. It is easy to maintain and has high pressurization efficiency, and can meet the use of large volume instruments. It adopts open and transparent design, with the characteristics of simple operation, stable pressure rise and fall, small adjustment fineness, convenient maintenance and no leakage. Based on the pressure bar type preloading and patented spiral increase technology, the required pressure can be easily generated.

Since the design has avoided the defects of the clamp type pressure pump, such as fear of dirt, large leakage and laborious use, the pressure pump is unparalleled in terms of durability, sealing performance and working efficiency.

main features 


High pressure making efficiency

It can be used for instruments with large capacity

technical parameter

Use environment: site or laboratory

Pressure range: (0 ~ 60) MPa

Adjustment fineness: 0.1kpa

Pressure transmission medium: mineral oil

Pressure connection: M20 × 1.5 (2)

Volume: 345mm × 215m × 162mm


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