Portable Pneumatic Pressure Source
1. Model: YWQ-1432
2. Type: pneumatic
3. Pressure range: -0.095~4~6Mpa
4. Weight: 1.4kg
5. Minimum adjustable: 0.1Kpa
6. Medium: air
7. Size: 270*150*150 mm
Product introduction

YWQ-1432  portable air pressure pump adopts three-stage booster structure, which can be used in laboratory or field environment. It adopts open and transparent design. Features. The built-in gas-liquid separator and well-designed exhaust valve effectively avoid the pollution of the pump body. The unique precision shut-off valve ensures the stability of the pressure during the calibration process. The uniquely designed M20×1.5 internal thread quick connector can complete the quick disassembly and assembly of the pressure instrument without a wrench and raw material belt. The well-designed pressure rod structure and the labor-saving pressure making process can make your calibration work more effective with less effort.

Due to the unique design of the product, it is unmatched by the hand-clamp pressure pump in terms of pressure-making efficiency, durability and sealing.

The hand-held pressure pump (hereinafter referred to as the pressure pump) is an important auxiliary equipment in the testing of pressure instruments. It is used in conjunction with the pressure standard to complete the calibration and testing of pressure instruments.

The lever drives the piston in the large chamber to reciprocate to generate pressure or vacuum. The pressure or vacuum is output through the switch, and then goes through the regulator valve to the fine adjustment and pressure output interface. Supplemented by exquisitely designed fine-tuning, quick interface, and pressure-stabilizing valve. With the advantages of simple operation, reasonable structure and good sealing performance, it can be widely used in industries such as measurement, scientific research, industrial and mining enterprises, and instrument manufacturing.

Main feature

◆Simple structure and labor-saving operation (far less labor-saving than hand-clamp type pressure pumps)

◆Easy to carry, not easy to leak, easy to maintain

◆Not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tide

◆It can generate negative pressure (-0.1~6MPA)

◆Can be connected with multiple range intelligent digital pressure calibrator


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