Integrated ultrasonic level gauge
Ultrasound wave is a sound wave with a frequency higher than 20KHZ, which has good directivity and penetration, and is easy to obtain concentrated sound energy. Spread in air, liquids, and dense solids. The liquid level detection instrument developed by using its characteristics combined with modern microcomputer technology is called an ultrasonic liquid level gauge.
Product introduction


The ultrasonic level gauge is to install the ultrasonic transducer above the measured object. The ultrasonic transducer emits sound wave signals and simultaneously receives the sound wave signals reflected by the measured object. By measuring the time difference between transmission and reception, the measurement distance is calculated according to the propagation speed of sound waves in the air.


One two-wire system


     1. The voltage adapts to a wide range and can work within a DC voltage of 18-28V.


     2. Backup and restore settings function.


     3. It can measure a variety of physical quantity functions.


     4. The analog output function can be adjusted arbitrarily.


     5. With the function of arbitrarily setting the start point and end point of the full scale.


     6. With value-added/difference ranging options, both distance and level can be measured.


     7. With digital filtering, dynamic echo recognition and other functions.


     8. Optional HART communication components.


     9. OLED Chinese and English menu display with self-illumination.



One two-wire system

Measuring range

5m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m (optional when ordering)

Blind spot

0.4-0.6m (different display range)




OLED Chinese and English menu (with self-luminous)

Minimum display resolution



Three-digit touch key

working frequency

20~350KHz (different depending on model specifications)

Optional power supply


Power consumption


Output mode (optional)

4~20mA RL>600Ω (standard configuration)

4~20mA + HART

Instrument material

ABS engineering plastics



Installation interface

M60×2 or ¢61mm round hole with big gong ring

Electrical interface

M20X1.5 (two groups)

Incoming cable

There are wiring terminals user-defined

working environment

Temperature and pressure

Protection level

IP65 (higher protection level can be customized)

Explosion-proof grade

EXia IIBT4Gb (Order to buy)



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