YWKM-1A high-frequency dynamic pressure transmitter
The YWKM-1A high-frequency dynamic pressure transmitter is made by utilizing the extremely high Young's modulus of elasticity and excellent mechanical properties of semiconductor silicon, allowing the sensor to have a high natural frequency. Combined with our company's advanced internal and external structural design, it reduces frequency loss. Thus obtaining a high response frequency and rise time, it is an ideal product for measuring high-frequency dynamic pressure.
Product introduction

performance parameter

Frequency response characteristic table:

Pressure RangeNatural frequency/HzResponse frequency/HzTypical Applications
0-0.5MPa,4.0MPa300-750k0-100KTrauma medicine
0-5MPa,10MPa700k-1000k0-120KProduction and Engine
0-16mPa,40MPa800-1200K0-120KImpact force of hydraulic turbine blades
0-60MPa,100MPa0-1200K0-120KHigh frequency soil stress

Performance parameter grading table:

performance parameterABCD
Non repeatability, hysteresis /±%FS0.
Zero temperature coefficient/X10-4/℃.FS5321
Sensitivity temperature coefficient/X10-4/℃.FS5321
Zero time drift/%FS/8h0.
comprehensive accuracy%FS10.50.250.15

Technical features:

  • High frequency response range

  • Wide passband, wide operating temperature range

  • Wide range coverage, good long-term stability of product performance

  • The flush packaging design of the pressure sensing film completely eliminates the tube cavity effect, resulting in extremely high frequency response of the sensor


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